Version Badge for NPM Modules

Since the original announcement two months ago, hundreds of package owners have installed the Version Badge, helping thousands of developers every day to quickly identify and find the installable package associated with a Github repo or a project webpage. Among many others, some notable projects are Devise, CanCan, Celluloid, and Slim.

Today, we are happy to introduce Version Badge for NPM modules.

Node.js and NPM allow many new and experienced JavaScript developers to package and quickly deploy code to any server. The Version Badge will further speed up this process of discovery and integration. Module owners have already jumped at the opportunity to enhance their modules: Engine.IO, JS Beautifier, JSHint, and more.

Install your ‘Pieces of Flair’

If you’re an NPM module owner, go ahead and try it for your module, check out projects already using Version Badge, and help us reach other module authors on Twitter and Facebook.

Special Thanks

I thank all of the initial Badge users who have given us feedback, and helped to get this project off the ground. I would also like to thank @olivierlacan and @ackerdev for the new badge design, and Put a Shield on It™ effort to standardize badges across services.

And last but not least, a big thank you to all Gemfury customers who allow us to build great tools for the programming community by chosing our service.

Comments or questions?

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