Unleash the Fury.io

Over the course of the last few months, we have been carefully extending Gemfury for multi-user and multi-language use. Today, we would like to announce two big changes to the way you download and install your packages.

New Repository URL

We are taking one more step toward Gemfury being truly language-agnostic by officially switching to a new set of default endpoints for private repositories. Starting today, the proper way to install your packages is by using one of the following Repo-URLs:

"https://secret-token@gem.fury.io/me/"   # RubyGems
"https://pypi.fury.io/secret-token/me/"  # PyPI
"https://npm.fury.io/secret-token/me/"   # NPM

By switching to shorter per-language domains, we feel it will make Gemfury integration even easier, more intuitive, and more extendable in the future.

We encourage all of our customers to switch from gems.gemfury.com endpoint to using one of the new fury.io URLs. The old gems.gemfury.com endpoint is now deprecated and will not be supported after April 19, 2013. Learn more about your new Repo-URL and keep track of upcoming changes to Gemfury.

Sharing of accounts

With the new Repo-URL format, we are also enabling the ability to share your account for package download and installation. With the old repository endpoint, the only way to give a collaborator download access to your repository was by sharing your secret token. This is neither safe nor scalable.

With the new Repo-URL, a collaborator can now get download access to your team account by modifying the URL as follows:


You can find out more at our Dev Center article about collaboration. If this permission/access model is too limiting for your needs, we are testing extended permission control for our Organization accounts – please contact us if you’re interested.

Comments or questions?

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