Version Badge for Python and more

Although Gemfury Package Repo is our main vocation, we believe that it’s part of our mission to give back to the hacker community through code contribution, guides, and value-add services. So while we are putting the final touches on some major updates to Gemfury, today, I’d like to note a couple of recent improvements that we have made to the Version Badge service.

PyPI package support

A few days ago, we have enabled support for Python, thus reaching parity with Gemfury’s support of Ruby, Node.js, and Python packages. Python coders can now easily discover the PyPI package corresponding to a project’s homepage, documentation, or source code.

If you’re a Python package owner, go ahead and try it for your project, check out other popular projects already using Version Badge, and help us reach other package authors on Twitter and Facebook.

Retina-ready badges

If you’ve invested in that top of the line Macbook Pro or any other high-pixel-density device, you no longer have to avert your eyes from the jarring pixels of standard badges. Version Badge is now Retina-ready!

You will notice that the preview images on the homepage are now high-DPI, and we have included the Retina HTML field that you can copy/paste into your README file. They look gorgeous – try it now!

Comments or questions?

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