2013: What a Year!

Funny how time flies when you do what you love. Here at Gemfury, 2013 started out a bit rough, but has finished as another outstanding year. Scrolling back through the big announcements doesn’t give enough insight into all the other hard work we’ve dedicated this year to delighting our customers and community. Today is a good day to sum up what has kept us busy.

Simplify account management

After months in the making, we have announced the new Gemfury dashboard to improve the way you manage your packages, collaborators and settings. The improvements didn’t stop there – we’ve recently added an overview of your accounts, drag-and-drop uploads, and large file support to the dashboard.

Improve package uploads

Dashboard’s support for drag-and-drop and large files is only a small part of our effort to make building and uploading packages easier. The Gemfury CLI has also gained support for large file uploads, and we are now experimenting with using git push as a new method of adding packages to your account.

Easier collaboration

This year saw a big push to make collaboration easier and more transparent with greater access control. With the reorganization of the repo endpoints and Organization accounts, Gemfury is now even easier and more flexible to use in a business or a team setting.

Repos, Repos, Repos

The heavy lifting behind Gemfury is still understanding the specs, protocols, and customer needs behind each individual package manager. Our greatest priority is still to improve performance, security, and experience for existing package managers, while also looking at a few new ones.

With this year’s introduction of PHP Composer, NuGet, YUM/RPM, and APT/DEB, Gemfury now supports seven different package managers. Not to be outdone, Version Badge has jumped from just RubyGems to support eight different package types. Whao!

More to come

Our customers love the changes we’ve been making this year, and we are just getting started. Stay tuned in 2014…

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