Git: Just give your package a push

In case you were confused among all the various paths to put your stuff into Gemfury, we’ve decided to officially add one more - the one to rule them all. You can now upload and build packages from source by using git push.

Package management tools have limited support of restricting the upload destination of individual packages and often a typo can lead to exposing private packages to the public registry. Git is a standardized way to map a package only to places where it’s supposed to go.

Therefore, this is now our recommended way to upload packages to Gemfury.

Getting started

Simply add the Gemfury repo to your local or continuous integration config:

git remote add fury

Username can be your personal account or one of the accounts to which you have permission to upload. Package-name is the name of your package.

Pushing updates

Once you have added this remote repository, you can build your package:

git push fury master

Gemfury will only build changes to the master branch, but you can build an alternative one too:

git push fury release-branch:master

For package managers who rely on Git tags for versioning (ie. Composer), please push the tags as well:

git push --tags fury master

Package support

At this introduction of the builder, we support RubyGem, npm, PyPI, and PHP Composer packages, with support for other package types coming soon. And, of course, you can continue using prebuilt package upload for all package types.

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