A few billing improvements

In general, Gemfury customers have been happy with not just the service itself, but also with our competitive pricing and simple billing process. However, we do occasionally hear about credit card issues that take time away from focusing on your work. In the past days, we have made the following improvements to our billing process to further reduce your billing issues and concerns.

Billing Screenshot

Our most common error for subscription payment failures is the ambiguous “Your card was declined” message that we receive from the credit card’s bank or our payment processor. Although we are not privy to the underlying reason for these errors, we are now giving you a few more knobs to tweak before calling your bank. Clicking on “Having trouble with your card?” on the credit card form will now expose more fields that we will forward to your bank for verification.

With annual billing, you can simply prepay for a whole year of Gemfury instead of paying monthly. This will reduce your bookkeeping and all other payments-related issues to just once a year. The switch to annual billing can be done by going through the “Switch payment plan” process and clicking “Use annual billing” on the plan listing page.

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