Command-line management of git

Since adding git push as one of the recommended methods to upload packages, we’ve been happy to see many of you adopt it into your Gemfury workflow. Our next step fills out the toolset to help you manage and debug your Git repositories with four new CLI commands.

As you know, Git repositories on Gemfury are stored separately with a loose coupling to resulting built packages. This relationship allows us to support custom and multi-package builds from a single repo. This also implies that these repositories need to be managed separately.

Listing Git repositories

The command git:list is the equivalent to the existing list and will list all repositories for a current account:

fury git:list

Rebuilding a repository

If you delete a package version that you should not have, you can now rebuild the repository to bring it back:

fury git:rebuild package-repo

Renaming a repository

Sometimes things change – you can rename a repository with git:rename. Please be sure to update your .git/config file to reference the new repository path:

fury git:rename old-busted new-hotness

Removing a repository

Deleting built packages will not automatically remove the source Git repo, which you can now do with git:reset. It is also useful when things have gone awry and you’d like to start over with a clean slate:

fury git:reset goodbye-repo


As with all existing commands, these will be performed on your personal account unless otherwise specified:

fury git:list --as acme-account

To give these a try, please install the latest CLI package:

gem install gemfury
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