Recent repo outages

Gemfury had two unplanned outages on Tuesday, April 20, and Monday, May 3. Not only were these disruptive service outages, but they were also failures in preparation and response around events that we could have anticipated and/or prevented. We owe an explanation and an apology.  

More billing improvements

Following up on the previous post about expanding payment options for paid Gemfury customers, we’ve made further improvements on the billing side.  

A few billing improvements

In general, Gemfury customers have been happy with not just the service itself, but also with our competitive pricing and simple billing process. However, we do occasionally hear about credit card issues that take time away from focusing on your work. In the past days, we have made the following improvements to our billing process to further reduce your billing issues and concerns.  

A look inside: exploring package content

Expanding on our vision of a toolkit to improve package development and distribution, we are introducing a new way to inspect packages that you have stored in your Gemfury account. Today, we are proud to announce the addition of our new Package Explorer.  

Command-line management of git

Since adding git push as one of the recommended methods to upload packages, we’ve been happy to see many of you adopt it into your Gemfury workflow. Our next step fills out the toolset to help you manage and debug your Git repositories with four new CLI commands.  

Larger packages — it matters

We find it nearly-absurd that in the age of free 1TB cloud drives, we have kept package size capped at 30MB for so long. Starting today, we are officially bumping that maximum to 300MB.  

Git: Just give your package a push

In case you were confused among all the various paths to put your stuff into Gemfury, we’ve decided to officially add one more - the one to rule them all. You can now upload and build packages from source by using git push.